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2h 15min   |   Language   |  Producer  Director 

an internet famous recording artist, who secures a recording contract contingent on infusing his music with subliminal messages

Starring Sidiki Fofana, Hassan Johnson, Charles Barboza, Antu Yacob, Nikki Dos Santos, Jimmy Alvarez, Shumeirra Harris, Charles S. Haskins & Nadia Sinclair.

Produced, Directed and Written by Adrian Luke Sinclair Executive Producer Max Gaudalupe, Ahmad Elder & Adrian Luke Sinclair 1st Asst Director Angela Trotter, Azuree Lyman 2nd Asst Director Charles S. Haskins Co-Producer Tony Clomax Producer Hassan Johnson Producer Sidiki Fofana Assoc Producer Nikki Dos Santos Assoc Producer Antu Yacob Assoc Producer Mark Bennett Line Producer Crystal Dicesare Cinamatography Mike Dote, Adrian Luke Sinclair Sound Mixer Nahja Noon Sound Mixer Jalen Thompson Editor Mitsuko Alexander, Adrian Luke Sinclair


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