Digital Cinema Cameras



With a perfect synergy of our knowledge of internet technology, and film making.  We honed the skills needed to level the playing field. We mastered the art of utilizing cutting edge, and affordable video production tools.   Thus, we are able to leverage high quality, yet affordable resources previously only available to large companies.  We not only utilize these resources for our clients, but we provide direct sales & support.

Terra Luke Media is a disabled military veteran and artist owned video marketing, and film production company.   We thoroughly understand the marketing challenges of how to acquire and retain customers. So whether its youtube marketing, strategies to leverage social media, corporate or narrative film production we have the right tools to tell the right story.

As artists we believe in the importance of innovative and creative visuals that tell stories about the events, goods, and services in our community.  Not only to support commerce but to reawaken the concerns about our wonderful planet as a whole, especially in a age of the "me generation".





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